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Rosemarie Rowley was born in Dublin, and has degrees in literature and philosophy from Trinity College, Dublin, and a diploma in psychology from NUI. To date she has published five books of poetry, and has four times won the Epic award in the Scottish International Poetry Competition.


“The Sea of Affliction” ((1987) one of the first works in eco-feminism, can be accessed and downloaded from the Irish Literary Revival website, under a Creative Commons agreement at: The Irish Literary Revival website


Her long poem in terza rima, “Flight into Reality” is the longest original poem in that form in English, and is based on the story of Osiris and Isis, of the Egyptian myth, but set in modern times.


Her most recent books are “Hot Cinquefoil Star” (2002) and “In Memory of Her” (2004) and (2008) both published by Rowan Tree Press, Dublin


Rosemarie at Irish Writers Online


A selection of her poetry can be accessed at the RPO Library


Recently, The Wooing of Etain, based on the Old Irish myth, was published in Transverse, Journal of Comparative Literature, University of Toronto Press, 2007, and Rosemarie has done more work on Irish myth, and translated the poems of the Anonymous Women Bards of Connaught, which were published in the Cork Literary Review in the early 2000s.

Her account of her work in the early days of the Irish green movement can be accessed here

Rosemarie is a member of the United Arts Club, and has given papers in the universities of Ireland, the UK, Europe and the United States.



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