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Irish Poetry – translations by Rosemarie Rowley


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Here are some translations from classic Irish poems “Dónal Ōg” (Young Donal) which was Ted Hughes’s favourite poem, some versions in Ireland and Scotland date back to the middle ages, “Gile na Gile” (Fairest of the Fair) by Aodhghán (Egan)…


Jonson and Alchemy


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A modest disquisition on JONSON AND ALCHEMY The spirit of enquiry which started with the Renaissance, and the discovery of ancient scripts in Europe, brought about a change in the way people thought about the eternal questions of life, salvation,…


The Annihilation of the Flesh-Rotted Word”

   - Kavanagh’s real trajectory


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Superman Trapped in The Phone Booth - George Bernard Shaw under fire from Right and Left - was he defeated by his own sound bites?


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 Gone for Good? The theme of the Emigrant in John McGahern’s novel

 “That they May Face the Rising Sun” (London, Faber & Faber, 2003)


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IRISH SPACES: zones and margins


“A Dove-Strut in the Precincts of the Garrison”




Is the new Irish space for women, Irish Women Writers, a genuinely new and open space, or, is it like one of its main protagonists, riddled with contradictions?


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