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Letter to Kathleen Raine


Five long poems: a tale in verse, a riposte, a sequence, a garland and a letter




Rosemarie Rowley



In Memory of Her by Rosemarie Rowley


Poems Written on Certain Occasions,
Betrayal into Origin – Dancing & Revolution in the 60sThe Wake of Wonder, Faustina in Sestinae


If one dreamer lives all lives That one in all our many knows How vain our tears, how vain Our hopes and fears, Since dreams are only dreams.

                                                              – Kathleen Raine


“The Sea of Affliction” (1987) one of the first works in eco-feminism.




Rosemarie Rowley


‘A pioneering work of eco-feminism’ - Comark



The Broken Pledge and other poems




Rosemarie Rowley

A book-length poem in terza rima -  explores the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris' and its relevance to modern times.


First published in 1989, this poem was described by the eminent poet Kathleen Raine as one of the best long poems written in the 20th century.


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Girls of the Globe     












Arlen House, 2015


The Sea of Affliction      View pdf





Rowan Tree, 1987 Reissued: 2010.


Flight into Reality         View Toronto’s RPO Site





Rowan Tree Press, Dublin l989 - Limited edition, reissued in a single volume 2010.


Double CD of Flight into Reality will be issued February 2011 to coincide with Tutankhamen exhibition in the RDS Dublin - Price 10 Euro.



In Memory of Her          View pdf





Rowan Tree Press, 2008.


Hot Cinquefoil Star       View pdf





Rowan Tree Press, 2002.

An Irish Myth – The WOOING OF ETAIN    View pdf


THE WOOING OF ETAIN by Rosemarie Rowley


FIRST PUBLISHED IN “TRANSVERSE” journal of the University of Toronto’s Department of Comparative Literature, 2008 I.1. Never such a shivering tale be told Etain bathing by the stream one day Saw a horseman…



The Broken Pledge   Martello, Dublin, l985



Published by Martello Publications 1985.



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Girls of the Globe (2015).




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