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Women’s Issues


Woman and Work - Has it ever been resolved?


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Talk given to the International Women’s Club by Rosemarie Rowley, 14 October 2008,



Waste – the Tragedy of the Commons, the culture of waste and the confusion between what is public and what is private


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Rosemarie Rowley: THE TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS:PUBLIC AND PRIVATE AND THE CULTURE OF WASTE Grammar, myth, prophecy and environmentalists.


The understood definitions of public and private is of separate and mutually exclusive realms of operation where “public” includes what is…


IRISH SPACES: zones and margins


“A Dove-Strut in the Precincts of the Garrison”




Is the new Irish space for women, Irish Women Writers, a genuinely new and open space, or, is it like one of its main protagonists, riddled with contradictions?


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